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Post Awakening Movement generation

A collection that speaks the truth about the untold stories of the 1970’s Sahwa Movement and it’s rippling effects on following generations. The collection aims to echo the unheard message of millennials, who suffered growing up in a society that forced them to conform into imposed norms, where culture and religion synced. This resulted in the loss of identities and caused major confusion when it came to differentiating between religion and tradition. The victims of the extremist mind (generation x) awoke from a 30-year religious coma and identifying the false facades that stood amongst them. 

What was once forbidden is now allowed, the unconventional is the new norm. As a result, the youth of Arabia are far more resilient and have begun pushing the boundaries in search of freedom and the wildest thoughts are no longer a question of permissibility. The world is their oyster due to the boundless end of social media. 

As a nation, we are healing from the past but we are also growing, evolving and changing at the pace that suits us.